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Cafe Racer ( failed ) project

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Hello everybody,

I want to sell my cafe racer project, and here is his story…

A while ago I started a cafe racer project, unfortunately like most of the times, I didn't planned it well, I had some turns and changes in my life, I left my country, changed my job stuff like that and I didn ' t managed to finish it.

The bike is a '82 Yamaha XJ550, the actual state is:

- The frame is modified, loop and battery support welded, powder coated, he is practically done if you don't want to do anymore changes;

- The forks are done, new fork seals, also coated, but the paint suffered with the transport and stocking, so maybe they need a new paint job;

- The rims are painted;

- New tires,  Continental TKV11 F TL 100 / 90-19 57V  and Continental TKV12 R TL 110 / 90-18 61H;

- New parts and accessories: full gasket kit for the engine, inlet rubbers set, clubman handle bars, biltwell grips, rear suspension, stop lights, indicators, brake lines with fittings, air filters, oil filter, exhaust gaskets and other small parts. I will estimate a 70% -80% of the parts are reusable or new, there are some more parts to buy.

-  The engine need some attention… maybe someone who knows engines better than me can say if it will worth to rebuild it or to find a spare one. I have all the parts, most probably the engine need a rebuild, I guess for someone who has the time and skills is doable. I already have the gasket set, the cylinders, cylinder head and cover are already blasted, they need to be painted (I will provide also the black mate thermal paint).

Therefore,… that was the short story. The thing is that until now I've put some money and some time in it, and I don't want to throw it away. I want to finish it in some way. Now I live in Belgium, in Liege to be more precise, my free time and space are not that great, so that's why I want to let it go. If someone passionate, who is looking for a project and don't know where the start, maybe here's a chance. I'm open at your proposals in terms of the costs of the project, I will kindly ask you to make some pertinent offers, keeping in mind that there are a lot of new parts.

For photos, more information on what I have, what I don't have, or what needs to be done, don't hesitate to ask, call or why not, visit.

All the best,